Today, Nivak, which we established in 2011, has become a dynamic and agile group of companies that has continued its operations in more than 30 countries around the World and in 5 domains and has adapted to the expectations and speed of the industry.

As Nivak Group, specifically customer orientation, agility and flexibility are our strengths. Thanks to our young but competent team, we succeeded in realizing over 50 operations simultaneously and as of 2017, we delivered nearly 400 stores to our customers.

In the years we were founded, we have started our operations with shop renovation and expansion projects only, now we succeeded to proudly serve to 15 brands that are internationally recognized within Turkey and abroad in the domain of retail.

This success is not only the work of the senior management or the management team; we have realized our goals together with our employees and other stakeholders as Nivak Group. While expanding our business, we increased our employment capacity by about eight times keeping in mind the same targets. We have become a big team with our contractors and their employees.

Thanks to this acceleration and synergy, we have adopted a horizontal and vertical integration in order to use our resources more effectively and create value for our stakeholders and we widened our operations through our investments in contracting, real estate and industrial domains. We started to construct shopping malls, management buildings, branded housing projects. In 2015, we integrated the processes of providing maintenance and repair services to our operations. In order to produce wooden and metal furniture we use in the domain of industry, we have started to establish our furniture factory and in this way, we carry on our operations in five domains including store decoration, contracting, real estate, maintenance & repair and furniture production.

We initiated a cultural project with Sabancı University in order to create a common culture and support the development of our employees in order to ensure the sustainability of our growth rate and achievements in line with our respect for our business and our people. We have established our Cultural Principles, which are our common principles, which will be the main basis of our culture and which we will always refer to in our behaviors, together with our employees, and we have adopted the communication and propagation of our Cultural Principles as our continuous and priority goals.

As Nivak Group, with our team and all our stakeholders, we are committed to sustaining our growth and development by sharing our achievements with the community through social responsibility projects within the framework of our values ​​and Cultural Principles.