Our primary goal is to develop our corporate culture in order to prepare our companies for the future and achieve a healthy growth.

In 2016, we realized a project with the contribution of Sabancı University Development Unit (EDU) and our advisors in order to define and develop the “Common Culture and Common Management Culture” that will support the future we want to achieve. Within the scope of the project, we organized various workshops and training programs with the participation of our employees and executives, and conducted studies to define the ideal forms of business conduct and relationship in the future.

At the end of all studies, we have shaped our Nivak Group Cultural Principles and Professional Relationship Management Standards all together.

Ensuring adaptation, communication and propagation of our Cultural Policy, which will be the basis of our culture and which will be the reference point for all our employees, is our continuous and priority aim.

We are aware of the fact that we can ensure the sustainability of our successful business results by increasing the satisfaction of our customers, employees, suppliers and subcontractors who are our stakeholders. The sustainability of our success can only be achieved by developing our Common Culture.

We ensure the strengthening and sustainability of our Cultural Principles through the adoption of these principles primarily by me and by all our employees, to our daily lives and exhibiting appropriate exemplary behaviors.

Aykut Küçük