As the Kucukler Group, we have adopted the philosophy of change and turn crisis into opportunities as a principle in order to survive for many years in the globalizing world.

After establishing Nivak, one of Küçükler Holding’s young companies, I asked Nivak Management Team the following question: “Do you target to be a modest company that survives with a limited turnover or a group that is among the top 100?”

In the preceding times, I was happy to see the development of the companies; and during a meeting with all the employees, this time I asked the team; “Do you want to be a poplar tree that grows rapidly but ends its life cycle in 15-20 years, or do you want to be a plane tree that grows slow but a lives for centuries?”

While asking this question, I would like to express my appreciation for Nivak’s determination to continue its development and financial success with an approach based on the principle of sustainability and to establish and adopt its Cultural Principles.


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